It’s our mission to select the freshest and best teas and coffees, only those that we ourselves would drink, from around the world and bring them to your doorstep. When carefully selecting these unique teas and coffees for their quality and character, we also ensure that they are sustainably grown and that the farmer and the plantation worker are given their fair share. That way, we care for the tea and coffee plants, our planet and for the people that actually toil hard to get these great flavours to you.

It is Plantation Fresh’s vision to fill a gap in the market for fresh black tea, green tea and coffee, made easily and quickly available for the discerning Australian tea and coffee consumer.

Plantation Fresh is part of a small, family owned, Australian company.

We do consulting for new plantation projects and existing plantations. For further information, please contact us.

We take fully escorted Tea Tours to India and Sri Lanka as well as East Africa. Please see the “Origin Tours” tab or contact us or email:

Plantation Fresh is a unit of Marquee Ventures Pty Ltd. (ACN: 601 158 623). Marquee Ventures also has a travel and tour wing, which can arrange to take you to these tea and coffee plantations so you can see for yourselves! Please contact us if you would like further information.

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