Our philosophy is simple – to get the best out of a good cuppa, it has got to be fresh – we get the best teas and coffees to you as soon as they are processed, sealing in the freshness by packing on the plantations.

Useful Tips:
  • A clean kettle (interior) will not contaminate the water
  • Warm the pot prior to steeping
  • Warm the cups
  • Honey is a natural sweetener
  • If using fresh milk, ensure not to over boil
  • Use cold water to rinse out tea pot. Never put in dishwasher and never use detergents
  • Use only 02 grams of tea leaf per cup of 180 ml to 200 ml of water
  • Brew green tea leaf for 90 seconds to a maximum of 02 minutes
  • Brew/steep black tea leaf for 03 minutes to a max of 05 minutes, stirring after 02 minutes
  • Cover while steeping to allow the leaf to fully unfurl and allow for maximum flavour and strength
Tea Tasting
  • Uses the senses of sight, touch and feel, aroma and taste
  • The analysis of leaf, liquor and infusion
  • Leaf: flaky, shotty, open, wiry
  • Liquor: Harsh, pungent, creamy, brisk, flat, taint
  • Infusion: coppery, bright, dull

Photo courtesy Jason Selva-Kulendran of Pekoe Brew, Sydney

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