Ranjit is the owner and operator of Plantation Fresh, and is a plantation professional in the truest sense.

Having been born in the coffee-consuming area of South India, Ranjit then went on to do school and university in the tea and coffee district of the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu, India. Having spent much of his childhood and formative years in this area, Ranjit was naturally drawn to the plantations.

In a career spanning thirty-five years, Ranjit has become a consummate tea and coffee specialist. Right from growing plants from seedlings and cuttings, to producing quality tea and coffee, and then sales, marketing, and developing products for specific regions, Ranjit has worked in India, Sri Lanka, East Africa, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Ranjit’s rigorous training in tea was with Tata Finlay/Tata Tea in South India, and then he went on to work for reputed tea and coffee producers around the world, finishing as a Tea Specialist for Dilmah, Australia in Melbourne. Here at Plantation Fresh we have his choicest teas and coffees, just for you!


Photo courtesy Jason Selva-Kulendran of Pekoe Brew, Sydney

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