Tea  education and appreciation classes available – one on one or small groups. Also tea tasting and evaluation training. We do consulting for plantations and plantation projects – new plantations, processing, blending  and packing units and much more. For more information about education on tea, consulting and project management please contact us.

The strength and briskness of black tea differs with altitude. High grown teas are brisk and flavoursome with aroma but lighter in cup. Low grown teas have more strength but are less aromatic, with less character and briskness. The size of each grade also determines strength, briskness and flavour. Whole leaf grades and larger or bolder grades have more character, briskness and aroma but less strength than smaller sized teas like brokens, fannings and dust grades. These are stronger and will make more cups per kilo but lack in briskness and flavour. The weight of teas vary – whole leaf grades being lighter than the smaller grades.

Black tea is produced year round in almost all places around the world except in Darjeeling, Assam and other parts of North India, which do not produce in winter.

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